DC Employers: Prepare for Zip Code Project

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What is the new Zip Code Project, and how does it affect employers in DC? Let’s take a look at this program already in progress.

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Businesses in DC need to be ready for the Zip Code Project.

The DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) wants to ensure that area businesses are in compliance with the new DC Wage Theft and Prevention Amendment Act (the “Act”) as well as other applicable employment-related laws. Their new program, the Zip Code Project, aims to educate employers across the District by conducting “surprise” inspections to businesses to ensure businesses are in full compliance of all laws and that no violations exist.

How does the Zip Code Project work?

Every two weeks, the DOES chooses a new DC-area zip code. Inspectors will pay unannounced visits to businesses within that zip code. During the visit, the inspector will review business payroll records and run through a checklist to ensure the business is in full compliance with all applicable laws.

If the inspectors find any infractions (such as all required posters are not posted, pay notice information is not found in personnel files, etc.), they will identify the violations on the checklist and leave a copy for the business and will follow-up with the business within 30 calendar days to ensure that the violations have been remedied.

According to the DOES, the Zip Code Project will prioritize employers in the construction, food services, home health care, daycare, and retail industries, based on “historically high rates of labor-standards violations.”

Questions about Compliance and the Zip Code Project

If you have questions about the Zip Code Project or the DC Wage Theft Act, you can contact Brooks Business Services. We can help you prepare for some aspects of the inspection, and we can also refer you to HR agencies to assist you with the rest.

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