Depending on your industry, and your specific needs, Brooks Business Services tailors our solutions to address the areas where you need assistance. We have clients in a number of industries, some of which are listed below. We are passionate about understanding your industry and finding every possible way to bring you the specialized services you need. We believe in being proactive with your business – getting to know the ins and outs so we can recommend best practices. This is what separates us from our competitors. We are not a “cookie-cutter” accounting services business, but rather a strategic partner with you, providing innovative and current knowledge to improve your business.

In every industry, while our services are similar, the nuances of what we provide are tailored to the business. For many retail businesses, for example, we specialize in providing a full range of bookkeeping services – accounts payable, accounts receivable, bill paying, vendor management and invoicing. We help to keep retail businesses up and running with solid cash management goals. Setting up the entire accounting process is extremely important to a sound financial structure.

For other clients, such as consulting firms, we may be facilitating the company’s cash flow. A company’s cash flow will help determine how often bills are paid, how quickly they are paid and how much debt the company can incur. Our knowledgeable accounting experts minimize the risks faced by companies.

Other businesses, such as finance institutions and marketing firms, would like to make tax time easier. Through constant research, we stay current on tax codes, providing you with expert advice at tax time and all year long. We help our clients keep financial records on track – avoiding the problem of owing more money than you have at tax time.

Though the services we provide are similar for every industry, we build a trusting relationship with each client and get to know their business well, allowing us to tailor our advice specific to their needs.


Here are some of the industries we serve:

  • Consulting Firms
  • Education Institutions
  • Finance Institutions
  • Marketing Firms
  • Non-profit Organizations – all types
  • Real Estate – all types
  • Retail Establishments
  • Unions
  • Personal Finance
If you have a question, or want to discuss specifics, give us a call at 240-292-6000.
We have the experts you can trust.
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